How To Choose Your Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is one of the best decisions any business owner could make – they free you from time-consuming, and often energy draining administrative tasks, leaving you with more time and power to work on your business’ concepts or creative direction.

A virtual assistant, however, is only as helpful as they’re in themselves a good assistant, which is why hiring the right one could mean a world of difference.

So what exactly does it mean when we say “good assistant”?

They Have Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are beneficial for both you-and-assistant situations as well as situations wherein the assistant will have to contact your partners or any other business affiliates, and as with everything else, clear communication helps avoid unnecessary delays as well as less-than-ideal situations.

Aside from relaying messages concisely and completely, it’s important that they are able to do so without you having to pour out answers from them. More importantly, good communication skills make sure you’re on the same page. This is especially important when they’re to deal with your contacts since one missed-out detail could deter all other efforts.

They Are Reliable

There are lots of VA horror stories floating about the internet, and it’s all due to flaky VAs who disappear on clients. These examples of ill-trained assistants shouldn’t deter one from hiring a VA, however, as situations like these are easily avoidable as long as you choose the right, dependable assistant.

Professionalism is a factor when it comes to a good business owner-VA relationship. Virtual assistants are bound by their job to provide you with regular updates on tasks, as well as quick to respond when needed.

They Are Able to Manage Their Time and Projects Efficiently

Efficiency is the essence of when it comes to maximizing the hours you’ve contracted with your assistant. Time management done right means more things are done within a shorter time, which is great for you as their client since projects will be navigated through a lot easier.

The ability to manage projects well, meanwhile, means a good level of organizational skills. When you ask for records on a project or updates on what tasks have been finished, you won’t have to sit by and wait as they rummage through files and whatnot.

They Are Resourceful

It’s a given that assistants rely on their clients for tasks and projects, but they should otherwise be able to manage on their own. This means they don’t constantly ask you questions that are easily answerable via Google, and when given tasks that they may not hold expertise in, are capable enough to research on the area of concern.

They Are Honest

In relation to resourcefulness, it’s also vital that your assistant is honest about what they can and cannot do. Some are prone to overpromising in hopes of impressing you with their resume, but come the actual situation, isn’t able to deliver, putting you, their client, in a rather embarrassing predicament.

Honesty in an assistant lets you know where their strengths really are and what kind of tasks you should be delegating to them.

As you can see, it all really matters as to the quality of the assistant you get. Not everyone has the time to interview and train assistants, which is why a reputable virtual assistance service company could really come in handy.

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